Interesting Art Work with Vegetables

It is amazing how creative some people can be with their imagination and creativity. Here you see an example of such a creative person, experimenting with vegetables and creating art form from them.  I do not know who made these, but they are really very very impressive and show what each one of us is capable of achieving. I hope you appreciate and comment on these so we can get a discussion started.

creative with vegetables, fishes

 artwork with vegetables, frogs made of capsicum

Penguins made with bringles

 sheeps made with cauliflower

people with oranges

pig made of raw papaya

duck with vegetables

Mouse made of vegetable

ice cream made of carrots and cauliflower, grapefruit and surprised chickoo

vegetables playing in the park

puppy made with banana

sad guy made of spring onion

happy face created with tomato

people gossiping created with lemons

happy faces in peas

happy guy made from Potato

weird people made from Chickoo

cherries riding in mashmelon bus

dog going for a walk with umbrella, made of mangoes

Green chilly is hot

happy people made of spring onions

happy face made of orange

octopus made with banana

happy people made of grapes

strawberry kissing

strawberry making love